Smart Gas

Industry, Zeeland, naphtha, industrial symbiosis, Smart Delta Resources

A concept business case currently in development is the ‘Smart Gas’ case, a smart method of combining and separating LNG and North Sea Gas for the chemical industry and energy. The Smart Gas project aims to extract ethane and propane during the regassification of LNG by using the existing cold and in combination with the H-cal gas. This gives the chemical industry an alternative for the naphtha feedstock and it creates pure methane gas which can be sold as feedstock or energy carrier in the market, as it has a lower emission when combusted. A physical connection with larger consumers and the various wholesale energy markets offers this possibility.

Economically viable alternative for naphtha

The Delta region offers a unique opportunity to develop an economically viable alternative for naphtha, with an enhanced ecological footprint. Due to the presence of a LNG terminal in Zeebrugge, where large quantities of North Sea gas land, the existing gas infrastructure and the proximity of chemical crackers in Terneuzen and Antwerp, the region is uniquely positioned to develop this concept. The infrastructure extends across the national borders of the Netherlands and Belgium, including the assets of DOW, Fluxys, DELTA, and Zebra.

Execution options are being investigated

The design of the project still offers room for a number of implementation options in the current phase. Currently, the SDR platform is mapping out the economic benefits for (potential) stakeholders. The submission of this elected option to the stakeholders and the above-mentioned policy actors will ultimately be accompanied by the demand for further commitment.

What makes this case unique

  • A clever way of combining and separating LNG and North Sea gas for the benefit of chemistry and energy
  • Unique opportunity to develop an economically viable alternative for naphtha, with improved ecological footprint
  • Physical connection with large consumers
  • Cross-border initiative in the Netherlands and Belgium


Business cases
This business case is the result of a unique collaboration between energy & feedstock intensive companies in the Delta region: West North Brabant, Zeeland and the Flemish part of the Gent-Terneuzen Canal Zone. Together they form the Smart Delta Resources (SDR) platform.
Companies nor consumers produce 'waste'. The residual substance of the one is after all valuable raw material for the other. Only so can we produce sustainably, take steps towards the circular economy and gain or retain a competitive advantage in countries or regions that have relatively low-cost raw materials.
The affiliated companies develop business cases through the SDR platform for the exchange of energy and material flows. The professional literature refers to the industrial symbiosis. This type of cooperation aims at three goals:

  1. The exchange of waste that serves as a raw material from another company creates economically attractive business cases that strengthen the international competitiveness of the companies concerned.
  2. SDR contributes to the sustainable growth of industry and to achieving climate goals. This should include, among other things, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions such as CO₂ and the reduction of fossil fuels.
  3. The close cooperation also offers opportunities for (yet) affiliated companies in the region and / or for companies that are looking for a location, it is attractive to settle in our cross-border Delta region.