1 year hydrogen exchange between Dow and Yara

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 1 year hydrogen exchange between Dow and Yara

On October 16th 2019, the hydrogen exchange will have flowed for precisely 1 year between chemical giants Dow and Yara via the reuse of an existing Gasunie pipeline: safe, sustainable and reliable. A fine anniversary date for a great SDR project! The connection is the first industrial hydrogen connection in the Netherlands in a Gasunie pipeline. The connection is a stepping stone to a wider hydrogen network in the Delta region.

Through the connection between Dow and Yara, more than 10,000 tons of C02 emissions were saved in the past year and 5 million kilos of hydrogen were transported.

Precisely how much is 5 million kilos of hydrogen?

  • The annual production of 213 soccer fields with solar panels
  • The annual production of 10 offshore wind turbines
  • The annual consumption of 75,748 Teslas
  • 11 hours of energy consumption from all industries in the Netherlands