Animation: transport of hydrogen between Dow and Yara

animatie gws waterstof yara-dow

Infrastructure plays a connecting and facilitating role in projects that contribute to achieving the government's climate ambitions for the Netherlands. This also applies to Smart Delta Resources projects, which make an important contribution to achieving these ambitions. In October 2018 Gasunie Hydrogen Services (GWS) delivered the pipeline route for transporting hydrogen from supplier DOW Benelux to customer Yara Sluiskil, both based in Zeeland. This is the first route of its kind. GWS would like to produce many more of its kind in the future and wants to develop and manage large-scale hydrogen infrastructure in the Netherlands. In a (Dutch) video GWS explains what precisely this means.

In the hydrogen transport system between Dow and Yara there is one injector and one customer. This system only involves the transport of hydrogen, in which Dow injects hydrogen at a higher pressure in the system than the customer Yara consumes the hydrogen. No further processing takes place (e.g. no compression, mixing or reduction). Assets for the hydrogen system are designed, managed, inspected and maintained in terms of functionality for a period of up to at least the year 2065.

source: GWS