CAPTURE East Flanders for the recovery of raw materials


Project CAPTURE was developed under the direction of Prof. Rabaey, who is connected with the Resource Recovery Technology Consortium of Ghent University. This project involves the recovery of raw materials. To this end a platform has been set up between researchers (technical advisers and social scientists) and various companies.

Central themes are water, CCS (carbon capture and storage) and CCU (carbon capture and utilization) and plastic recycling. Expert knowledge from companies and scientific institutes will be brought together for the various projects.

Technology park and demo plants

A technology park of 7,000 m² will be set up along the E40 / R4 motorway. Companies will start building demo plants, after which, in cases of successful results, investments will follow. It is emphasized that carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide can be very valuable raw materials.

Companies, scientific institutes and governments are involved

Companies from Flanders and the Netherlands are involved in this project (including Dow Benelux, Evides, Yara and BASF) as well as scientific institutes (including Ghent University, TU Delft, Imperial College London, Aachen University) and governments (EU, province of East Flanders, province of Zeeland).

Roadmap towards a climate neutral industry 2050

Smart Delta Resources has indicated that it wants to intensify its relationship with the CAPTURE initiative with projects from its "Roadmap towards a climate neutral industry 2050" program.