Conference on industrial symbiosis

warmco2 symposium

WarmCO2 and TU-Delft organize an conference on the challanges of realizing industrial symbiosis project Wednesday May31st 2017. 

Industrial symbioses 

Businesses and organisation often struggle to start industrial symbiosis projects and to keep them going because it is not their core business, but often a side project. 

What you can expect at the conference

Concrete, real life stories; what went well and better than expected, and what was dissapointing, how was dealt with that situation and how do they deal with it right now?  Scientific knowledge is shared with you and you will be provided with a glimpse of an already succesfullly realized project. 


​The conference takes place in the Bio Base Training Center Terneuzen.

More information

Visit the WarmCO2 website for more information.

Book your ticket now

There is only a limited amount of seats available so make sure to get a ticket by reserving one on the WarmCO2 website. Costs are €125,- (ex BTW) per person. 


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