Consultation European Commission regarding Projects of Common Interest PCI

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Smart Delta Resources (SDR) strongly supports the CO₂ Transports PCI as submitted by the Port Authorities of Antwerp, North Sea Port and Rotterdam. In April 2018 SDR developed a roadmap towards a climate neutral industry in 2050 containing 8 major projects. One of the project themes is Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). Without facilities as presentend now by the above mentioned authorities it will be very difficuklt if not to say impossible to reach the SDR goals in relation to the CO₂ problem. Important to know is that the role as facilitator in a cross border project for CCS is a unique one and it will very much contribute to sustainability, energy transition and circular economy, items that are high on the priority list of SDR. Also important is that the members of SDR are not competitors , but cooperate to create the necessary critical mass and to allow scalability of technologies. They bring together the knowledge to capture CO₂, but they have a high need of public infrastructure as is foreseen in this project of the port authorities of Antwerp, North Sea Port and Rotterdam. In doing so the SDR firms will contribute to accelerate the achievement of climate objectives. And as said before, to achieve these objectives projects like the CO₂ Transports PCI are highly necessary.   Apart from the contribution to climate objectives the cross border  infrastructure for CCU will also ensure durable employment in industry and port activities in this cross border region