Meeting Dutch industrial clusters

Sloehaven Vlissingen

In the Netherlands there are five regional initiatives that are more or less comparable with the SDR platform, though they vary in set up, funding, goals and organizational size. Twice a year these organizations meet to discuss industrial symbiosis.


The involved parties are:

  • Smart Delta Resources (SDR) in the Delta region (Zeeland, West-Brabant and Flanders Vlaanderen)

  • Rotterdam/Moerdijk (emerged from the Willems Rapport about the future of the industrial/chemical cluster Rotterdam/Moerdijk)

  • Chemport Delfzijl/Emmen

  • Chemelot Geleen

  • Amsterdam (via the port of Amsterdam)


The clusters SDR and Rotterdam/Moerdijk initiated the meeting of these clusters to exchange information and determine what the bottlenecks/obstacles are towards progressing industrial symbiosis.

During the meeting on May 30th 2017 the following themes were discussed:

  • Sustainable safety (a.o. maintenance older outillage)

  • Streamlining permits

  • Residual heat sharing from industry to surrounding neighborhood

  • Technological development needed for industrial symbiosis


From now on the meeting will be held biyearly.