New members of the SDR Board

Raphaël De Winter 

Raphaël De Winter has been appointed as Director International Business Development and Innovation since September 2017. From September 2013 till August 2017, he joined FluxSwiss/Transitgas from the Fluxys Group and was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of FluxSwiss, based in Lugano (Switzerland). FluxSwiss is the largest transmission system operator in the Transitgas pipeline and commercializes around 90% of the system’s capacity


Before moving to Switzerland, Mr  De Winter spent 4 years in the International Business department of Fluxys Group, dealing with the acquisition of several assets in Germany and Switzerland, contributing to the international expansion of the Fluxys group. In parallel to these activities, he served as Chief Executive Officer of GMSL (Gas Management Services Ltd), a Fluxys-group company based in UK, providing 24hr and out of office hours dispatching operations services as well as IT-softwares for the gas and power markets, both offshore and in all the major European grids. Prior to this role, he was Key Account Manager for the transit of natural gas activities within Fluxys Belgium.


Previously, Mr. De Winter spent over 6 years in business consulting services, where he had senior manager roles at Price Waterhouse and Ernst & Young Consulting. Mr. De Winter holds a Master in General Management from the Vlerick Business School and a Master of Sciences (civil engineer) in Mechanical Engineering from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium).

Niels Unger

 Niels Unger joined PZEM as of June 2018 in his role as member of the Executive Board and Chief Operating Officer. In this role Mr. Unger is responsible for the departments Asset Optimization & Trade, B2B sales and Origination, IT, Analytics, Strategy and represents PZEM as chairman in the shareholder-/board of its joint ventures EPZ Borssele, Sloecentrale and BMC Moerdijk. Mr. Unger has an extensive background as an executive in high risk organizations, being formerly managing director of NRG in Petten NL (global leading producer of radio-isotopes for nuclear medicines) , managing director of Vopak Germany (global leading storage provider in oil, chemicals and gasses)  and various end-responsible roles within energy-company Nuon, both in Germany and in the Netherlands.

Gerard van Pijkeren

Gerard van Pijkeren has worked for Gasunie since 1988 and has been responsible for Gasunie New Energy since 2016. Previously, Gerard was director of Vertogas, a subsidiary of Gasunie focused on developing and making the green gas market more sustainable, and of BBL Company, a subsidiary of Gasunie, Eon and Fluxys, which provides gas transport between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Gerard studied Chemical Technology at the University of Groningen.