North Sea Port, Rotterdam and Antwerp works on transport and storage of CO₂

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With the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, North Sea Port wants to continue to focus on reducing CO₂ emissions. Together we have submitted an application to the European Commission to collect, transport and store CO₂ on a large scale in the North Sea through a joint project.

The application for this cross-border project - CO₂TransPorts - is about the ambition to transport CO₂ (10 million tons) via pipelines to empty gas fields in the North Sea. To realize this, a CO₂ pipeline infrastructure must be established between the ports.

Status request

To carry out the project, a Project Of Common Interest status has been requested from the European Commission. A definite answer is expected in November 2020. This status offers the possibility to subsequently apply for a European subsidy for the realization of the project. The project is therefore still in a start-up phase.

Paris climate targets

The industry in the ports will have to drastically reduce its CO₂ emissions in line with the Paris climate targets. The intermediate step is to store CO₂ (Carbon Capture and Storage). The reuse of CO₂ will play an increasingly important role in the longer term.

Initiatives within North Sea Port

The CO₂TransPorts is in line with other CO₂-reducing initiatives in North Sea Port. Such as ArcelorMittal, which is building two plants to reduce carbon emissions.

And Dow Benelux and ArcelorMittal, which are starting trials with a new installation that separates carbon dioxide (CO₂) and carbon monoxide (CO) from the gases that arise during the production of steel, for reuse.