Plant Manager Yara Jon Sletten leaves Sluiskil

jon sletten yara sluiskil foto

Jon Sletten, the current Plant Manager in Sluiskil, has been named Plant Manager in Prosgrunn (Norway). The production location of the multinational Yara International ASA in Porsgrunn makes the so-called NPK fertilizer and is -in addition to the Sluiskil location- to the largest fertilizer factories in Europe. Over the past years, both locations have done large-scale multi-million euro investments.

Board member Smart Delta Resources

Norwegian Jon Sletten has been active as Managing Director of the Yara Sluiskil location since August 1, 2012. From 2004 to 2009 he also worked in Sluiskil as Production Manager Nitrate-Urea. Zeeland holds a special place in his heart and he has said that Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is the most beautiful part of the Netherlands. His primary goal was to lead a safe factory with excellent performance where each employee receives the attention he or she desires. In his role as Managing Director he was a member of the PORTIZ daily board and a board member of Meststoffen Nederland (Interest organization for fertilizer producers) and Smart Delta Resources. In 2015 he brought the National Chemistry Olympiad to Zeeland.


Achieved results

His departure comes at a time when the Urea-8 investment (€280 million) is near completion and the new loading building (€27 million) will be put into use, large scale projects realized under his management. During his management period the Yara Sluiskil factories realized countless production records, for instance a record volume of over 5 million ton was processed. Sletten also signed a Green Deal with Minister Kamp to realize a hydrogen roundabout to benefit regional businesses. Safety was a top priority and despite the excellent safety results achieved by Yara Sluiskil under his management, it was his firm opinion that good results could never be more than an inspiration to do even better.


Who will succeed Jon Sletten is currently unknown.