Project Roadmap industrial renewal in the Delta Regio


On June 27, 2017, the SDR Board approved the issuing of a mandate to CE Delft for a "Roadmap Industrial Transition Delta Region" project. The purpose of this project is to further the future of a climate-neutral industry.

The profound changes from fossil fuel industry to an industry that has almost no CO₂ emissions is a massive challenge, which more and more companies are actively facing. The outcome of this study is a set of concrete projects, which must begin now as we move further towards a zero-emission industry.
The industrial roadmap study will be conducted in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 Description of the future of industry based on existing reports and conversations with SDR companies. Positioning of the study will also take place through talks with governmental and network organizations operating in similar transition paths.

  • Phase 2 Discussion with the eleven SDR companies, in which the future images and underlying assumptions are tested based on the company's knowledge and experience. Based on this, three future images will be developed for phase 3.

  • Phase 3 In this phase, the steps that must be taken to realize the vision of the industrial future will be further clarified. This will be done by means of a back casting methodology and in coordination with government and network organizations. As a result, the period 2018-2050 will be envisioned in concrete terms of steps the companies need to take in 2018 to achieve the 2050 transition targets. It will also clarify what new infrastructure connections are needed (including the role for governments) and what opportunities for cooperation there are for industrial symbiosis projects between the companies. The study does not only look at technical challenges, but also at policy needs, such as changed and updated legislation.