Province of East Flanders in partnership with Smart Delta Resources

Toetreding Oost-Vlaanderen tot SDR

On Monday, November 5, 2018, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in Middelburg in the Netherlands, whereby the Province of East Flanders has now entered into a cross-border collaborative partnership with Smart Delta Resources (SDR).

The signing of the 'memorandum of understanding' took place within the framework of the Flemish-Dutch summit, a biennial meeting between the prime ministers of the Netherlands and Flanders. The signing took place in the presence of both prime ministers Geert Bourgeois and Mark Rutte, and was performed by Martine Verhoeve, Executive member for economic affairs of the Province of East Flanders, and Anton van Beek, chairman of the Board of SDR.

Smart Delta Resources

The SDR initiative is now widely supported by the cross-border merger port of North Sea Port, the Provinces of East Flanders and Zeeland and by the regional development company NV Economische Impuls Zeeland.

CEO Anton van Beek, chairman of SDR and Area President Dow Benelux, UK and Nordic:

We are extremely pleased with the accession of the province of East Flanders to Smart Delta Resources. This underlines the importance of the cooperation between companies and governments and means that the realization of the climate goals by 2050 can be promoted. This gives leading industrial companies, which work in the context of SDR on the important task to reduce CO2 emissions, an extra incentive to continue working on this.

East Flanders environmentally healthy

SDR contributes to East Flanders’ ambition to drastically reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and to be climate neutral by 2050. Deputy Martine Verhoeve, executive member for economic affairs:

By focusing on a climate-innovative economy, the Province of East Flanders wants to support initiatives that have a positive impact on the CO2 emissions of our companies. Cross-border cooperation within Smart Delta Resources fits in seamlessly with this. Together we are in a strong position to tackle the climate challenges and create new economic opportunities in Flanders and the Netherlands.

Higher effectiveness through cooperation

Collaboration allows companies from Flanders and the Netherlands to realize a higher CO2 reduction than if they pursue the climate goals individually.