SDR at climate summit for the Southern Netherlands

SDR will attend a large climate summit for the South Netherlands organized by Zeeland, Noord-Brabant and Limburg on June 4 2018. Directors, entrepreneurs and representatives of civil society organizations will be meeting in Breda to discuss concrete measures to strongly reduce the emission of the greenhouse gas CO2.

The national Climate Agreement has set strict targets for countering global warming and the disastrous consequences that climate change brings. In 2030, CO2 emissions must be reduced by half. Under the direction of North Brabant, the three southern provinces will take on the challenge. According to the regional newspaper PZC, a manifesto has been created that serves as a starting point for concrete measures.

Energy transition

One of the biggest challenges is energy transition. Households and industry need to get rid of the gas and switch to sustainable energy produced mainly by windmills (at sea) and solar panels. Investments must also be made in smart and sustainable transport. A challenge associated with this is that the provinces have to arm themselves against extreme rainfall, heat and drought. This requires the construction of better drainage systems and the construction of underground storage reservoirs. Rain water can be drained faster and can be used again during periods of drought. Better nature reserves are also needed for better water management.

Circular economy

Another spearhead is circular production: less waste, more reuse of raw materials. New houses, business premises and public facilities must also be built climate-neutral. The turnaround must be done quickly. According to the manifesto this requires courage and an unorthodox approach.

source: PZC (in Dutch)