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In the Netherlands, innovation, smart symbiotic solutions and environmental gain have resulted in the establishment of a unique, collaborative platform: Smart Delta Resources (SDR). This groundbreaking alliance, in a promising and economically thriving region, provides an innovative breeding ground for the sustainable development of the region, towards 2050 and beyond. Reason enough to write a blog about SDR on the Invest in Holland website. 


The Dutch-Belgian ‘Delta region’ includes the provinces of Zeeland, North-Brabant and Flanders. The Smart Delta Resources platform, established by leading industrial partners, currently consists of 11 international, energy- and resource-intensive industrial organizations, such as Cargill, Sabic, Lamb Weston/Meyer, and Dow. Through pro-active collaboration, they aim to effectively reduce their environmental footprint and further their economic advancement through Industrial Symbiosis.

One man’s waste is another man’s treasure

In short, SDR identifies opportunities for industrial symbiosis, based on the principle: one man’s waste is another man’s treasure. By actively identifying, communicating, and matching which residual products are available and which feedstock resources are needed, leading industrial partners collaborate to exchange materials and optimize residual flows. In doing so, they decrease their environmental footprint by reducing CO₂ emissions in addition to realizing economic benefits. Through collaboration, these multinational companies also share and exchange knowledge, collectively working towards innovative solutions that benefit the future of industry.

Beyond existing symbiosis options, SDR also takes the lead in the regional agenda for Industrial CO₂ transition. With its regional expertise, SDR is actively on the look-out for new collaboration opportunities, while developing the necessary infrastructure to strengthen and ready the regional industry for transition.

SDR case study: Syngas

A prime example of an SDR business case in development is the cross-border collaboration between chemicals producer Dow Benelux, in the Netherlands, and steel producer ArcelorMittal, just across the border in Belgium. ArcelorMittal’s -rich gases serve as feedstock for Dow crackers, which means carbon is captured and used in the production of chemicals instead of being released into the atmosphere or having to be disposed of in another manner.A prime example of an SDR business case in development is the cross-border collaboration between chemicals producer Dow Benelux, in the Netherlands, and steel producer ArcelorMittal, just across the border in Belgium


This symbiotic collaboration, benefitting both companies, and the environment, results in significant naphtha feedstock savings and represents a significant advance in the move towards a zero-emission steel manufacturing process. If this process were to be implemented across Europe, it has the potential to deliver multi-million-ton CO₂ reduction: a shining example of large scale industrial resource efficiency.

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The SDR opportunity

SDR actively seeks new partners for participation in the platform in the hope that this will lead to the establishment of more industries and increased synergies in the region. New companies will add to the existing, solid industrial cluster in this stable, economically attractive European Delta region. More partners mean more resources to share, more knowledge to exchange and improved environmental performance. The favorable investment climate in the Delta region also applies to foreign companies in the Chemical, Steel, Food, and related sectors, that are looking for a dynamic new location in Northwest Europe.


Through its Symbiosis for Growth (S4G) program, SDR provides potential new industrial tenants with valuable information, as well as assisting SME’s in the region. SDR works closely with Invest in Zeeland in this groundbreaking venture, and the Invest in Zeeland team guides the relocation process by providing essential information, arranging contacts with relevant institutions and by providing advice free-of-charge. Independent experts from SDR can assist in establishing cooperation with the SDR platform in all confidentiality. As of 2017, SDR partners share which (residual) products and processes they have available through an interactive resources map that is shared via the platform.

About Invest in Holland

The Invest in Holland Network is a collaborative team of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, regional economic development agencies and several large cities. Within this network, Invest in Zeeland represents the regional development agency NV Economische Impuls Zeeland, who facilitates SDR as well. 

The network works to provide a continuum of free, confidential support services to new foreign investors, as well as existing foreign investors that already have operations in the Netherlands. They assist you with everything from recruiting talent to introducing you to powerful public-private partnerships.