Sloewarmte: towards a sustainable Port of Zeeland

Sloehaven Vlissingen

In the port of Vlissingen several companies are collaborating to reuse residual heat. The residual heat coupling contributes to a sustainable port area in Zeeland by improving energy efficiency and while reducing CO₂ emissions. On October 21, 2016 Sloewarmte B.V. was officially opened by Ben de Reu, provincial deputy for the province of Zeeland.

Energy reduction

The residual heat coupling was placed between Zeeland Refinery, Martens Cleaning and COVRA. Residual heat produced at Zeeland Refinery is collected as water at 140 degrees and delivered to Martens and COVRA through a pipeline. Martens uses the residual heat to purify the used oil from (ocean)vessels so it can be reused. COVRA uses the heat for climate control in their buildings. After using it, the water returns to Zeeland Refinery, who then uses it was cooling water in their production process. The coupling leads to an annual reduction of 2.4 million Nmᶟ in their energy consumption. This equals the use of circa 1.500 households. An annual emission reduction of 4.300 ton CO₂ is also achieved.

 Sloewarmte B.V. officially began on September 29, 2014. In 2015 the residual heat coupling between the companies was put in place. As of 2016 the coupling is operational.

Provincial deputy Ben de Reu from the province of Zeeland:

The project Sloewarmte B.V. is a precursor to the Smart Delta Resources projects we began in 2013 with eleven companies in the Delta region. The aim of this is to work on concrete business cases for the mutual exchange of energy and feedstock between the chemical, energy, food and steel sectors. This improves the competitive edge of these companies on the global market, reduces CO₂ emissions and allows the companies to increase their sustainability. I am proud Zeeland is able to play such a leading role. In the SDR collaboration we continue to work hard and realize more of these projects in Zeeland and the wider Delta region.


Evides Industriewater, Zeeland Seaports en Martens Cleaning collectively founded Sloewarmte B.V. opgericht specifically to realize this coupling. The residual heat coupling connects the companies Zeeland Refinery, Martens Cleaning en COVRA. The province of Zeeland and the Ministry of Economic Affairs contributed to the realization of this project through a subsidy.