Yara in Sluiskil is renewing rapidly

Yara Sluiskil

Fertilizer producer and SDR-member Yara is renewing rapidly. This year a new, ultra-modern, loading dock will be put into use and a new factory, Ureum 8, will soon be opened, according to BN de Stem

Investments should reduce emissions fertilizer factory drastically

Yara-safety manager Franklin Maas: “512 laborers are busy completing the build of Ureum 8, the latest investment by the Norwegian Yara in Sluiskil. The Italian Tecnimont is the builder. The employees are from Italy, but also from Polen, Romania, Croatia and Germany. They temporarily live in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.”

Bringing such a complex project to a close with so many different nationalities, is no easy feat. The construction, which officially began in March last year with the first stone placed by Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp, has already booked 1.2 million man-hours. “And,” as Maas notes proudly, “without one notable incident. Placing safety first is firmly lodged between their ears, but we remain alert.”

Dust emissions are reduced drastically

The first tests in the new factory, for the electrics systems and the cooling system, are taking place, according to Gijsbrecht Gunter, member of the Yara Sluiskil management team. Right on schedule too. At the end of the year the temporary permit granted by the province expires, which allows more urea dust to be emitted than allowed in the original permit. When Ureum 8 is in business, the total dust emission will be reduced by half, well below the permitted levels.

Province of Zeeland shows goodwill

The province has granted Yara time to complete this process. European norms are there for a reason, but urea dust does not pose a danger to the public health. Yara was also willing to invest 240 million euro’s in the new factory. Gunter: “But it isn’t built in a day.”

Source: BN de Stem, October 3, 2017