Zeeland Refinery installs a thirty-meter high reactor

Zeeland Refinery installs a thirty-meter high reactor

Zeeland Refinery is expanding the hydrocracker, which is one of the most important units of the oil refinery, with an additional reactor. On Thursday July 18th the thirty-meter-high reactor arrived by ship in the Scaldiahaven in Vlissingen-Oost. The reactor was transported to the refinery site during the night from Friday to Saturday with special transport.


The reactor is an investment of 40 million euros made by TOTAL and LUKOIL shareholders in the Zeeland refinery. Due to expansion, the hydrocracker operates more energy-efficiently and a CO2 reduction of approximately 10,000 tons is achieved. "This is a next step in making our refinery future-proof," said Managing Director Nathalie de Muynck. The reactor will be connected to the existing installation in 2020

Transport of the reactor

The transport of the reactor, which was built in Italy, was an operation in itself. The ship, Calypso, docked at neighboring company Verbrugge. From there, the more than 600-tonne heavy component was taken by special transport with 56 axles and 112 wheels to the refinery site where it was lifted into the structure on Monday morning. Employees of the refinery were given the opportunity to view the spectacle from a stand on the factory site. "The last time something like this happened was in 1984 when the hydrocracker was built, which was a very special event at the time," said one of the plant's former staff members.

About Zeeland Refinery

Oil refinery Zeeland Refinery is located in the Vlissingen-Oost port area in Zeeland and part of one of the world's largest oil and oil products trading centers (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp). The refinery is a joint venture between the oil companies Total (55%) and Lukoil (45%) - www.total.com and www.lukoil.com - and produces fuels (petrol, diesel, jet fuel, etc.) and raw materials for the chemical industry.

The refinery has a maximum capacity of 155,000 barrels of crude oil per day and a hydrocracking unit, one of the largest in Europe, with a capacity of around 80,000 barrels per day. In terms of energy efficiency, Zeeland Refinery is among the world leaders in the refining sector.

Zeeland Refinery is one of the largest employers in Zeeland and offers work to 420 employees and 300 employees of permanent maintenance contractors. Moreover, the refinery makes extensive use of suppliers from the region.