Zeeland Seaports showed profit the first half-year of 2016

Zeeland Seaports headquarters in Terneuzen

Zeeland Seaports showed profit of 4.2 million euros the first half-year of 2016, as reported by various Dutch media. It seems results are increasing follwoing an 8 million euro profit in 2015 and a moderate profit in 2014.

New businesses

Zeeland Seaports welcomed new businesses into the port area and several established businesses expanded their operations. This created new economic activities and employment in and around the ports of Zeeland Seaports:

  • The first pile was driven at the Reimerswaal shipyard. 
  • Vlaeynatie and Plantacote began using their new terminal for fertilizers in Terneuzen.
  • Construction on the Vlaeynatie sugar terminal at the Axelse Vlakte near Terneuzen started.
  • Construstion of a new Trinseo office at the Maintenance Value Park Terneuzen started.
  • Construction of a new European research and development centre at the Maintenance Value Park Terneuzen started. 


The new container and rail activities proved to be a win-win for businesses in and outside the port area:

  • Transbox United started a container service between Terneuzen and Antwerp.
  • The Belgian B-Logistics started a shuttle service by rail between Vlissingen and the European hinterland.
  • DB Cargo started bundling cargo from Terneuzen and Ghent towards the Ruhr district in Germany.

Cargo flow

  • In the first half of 2016 over 16 million tonnes ocean freight was processed in the port of Zeeland, the equivalent of the first 6 months of 2015.  
  • The container processing volume rose by 15 percent, in particular due to bananas and metal offshore constructions. 
  • The largest segment of the ports, liquid bulk, increased by over 20 percent, mainly thanks to a rise in the processing of petroleum products. 
  • A slight reduction was reported in dry bulk and breakbulk ( 10 percent).  Even though the processing of bananas and metal constructions for offshore and offshore wind increased, the early closure of the EPZ plant and the reduction in the processing of products like sand, fertilizers and cellulose caused these 2 segments to drop.

Profit 2016

Even though the general mood is positive, Zeeland Seaports has some reservations concerning market fluctuations due to the effect of the Brexit on the market and the lower oil price. It is too soon to predict the amout of profit over the whole of 2016.


sources: PZCOmroep Zeelandtransport-online.nl  (in Dutch)