Zero brine workshop Terneuzen


Is your organization working towards reusing water and finding solutions for brine? Or is your organization interested in reclaimed minerals? If so, then you might be interested in participating in the Online Brine Platform and in a matchmaking workshop.

Reduce purchasing costs and work sustainably

The availability and the cost of water are becoming an increasing risk in industry. Circular business models where process water is reused and minerals are recovered from residual water, offer a solution. Reclaimed minerals also form a new market and are interesting for companies that want to reduce their purchasing costs and work sustainably. Now that industries increasingly want to reuse process water, they will produce more concentrated residual waters which often cannot be discharged. A solution is to recover high-quality minerals from that stream. At present, companies generally purchase newly extracted salts, which is not necessarily required for many processes.


Companies looking for solutions for their brine and companies that may be interested in reclaimed minerals are welcome to participate in the Online Brine Platform and in one of the workshops that we create for this. Both are intended for matchmaking between companies that offer minerals and potential customers.  The first workshop for Zeeland, West Brabant and the surrounding Flemish regions will be given on July 2nd in Terneuzen. Following workshops will take place in Geleen, Delfzijl / Emmen, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.


Click here for the program and registration for the first ZERO BRINE workshop (Terneuzen, July 2nd )


This workshop will be given by the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology as part of the ZERO BRINE project. The project focuses on innovative technologies to recover minerals from waste water. ZERO BRINE has received funding from the EU's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program: grant agreement No 730390