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Dow Benelux B.V. is a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company. The core of the Dow Benelux activities is comprised of the production of basic chemicals and plastics. The 20 factories in the Benelux produce a combined total of more than 800 different and innovative chemicals and plastics. These are traceable to a wide array of products and applications. Dow produces mostly semis: granules and fluids that will be further processed. In food, paper, medicine, cosmetics, transport, packaging, paint and coatings: Dow products can be found everywhere.


At Dow Benelux we work on innovation daily, by combining scientific insight with technological knowhow. This is how Dow contributes to sustainable solutions for the most urgent problems in the world, such as the need for clean drinking water, the production of sustainable energy and improving agricultural productivity. It is not without reason that Dow was one of the initiators of the Smart Delta Resources platform.


Within SDR, Dow is involved in a large number of projects. Some are still business cases in development, other have already proven to be successful.  The delivery of hydrogen from the cracker process to Yara and ICL-IP, for instance, the use of carbon monoxide from ArcelorMittal as raw material for the production of syngas, or the investigating the possibility of transporting our excess salt to branch partner Sabic in Bergen op Zoom by river barge for their chlorine production. 

Dow Benelux Terneuzen

Herbert H. Dowweg 5

4542 NM Hoek

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Company Profile

Dow Benelux is a leading player in the chemical industry. Roughly 2000 driven employees work from 6 locations and 20 factories in the Netherlands and Belgium on leading products and solutions, such as specialized chemicals, high quality materials, agricultural science and plastics. The products and services produced by Dow find their way to customers in over 160 countries. These customers are mainly active in growing markets, such as electronics, water, energy, coatings and agriculture.

The hart of Dow in the Benelux lays in Terneuzen in Zeeland. Dow Terneuzen, with 17 factories and approximately 1700 employees is the second largest production location in The Dow Chemical Company. As the largest employer in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen region of Zeeland, Dow contributes to the economic and social success of the region.


At the Dow Benelux location in Terneuzen, there are three large naphtha-crackers. Because of this, Dow Terneuzen is a key player in the production of basic chemicals, both within Dow as within the European chemical industry in general. The naphtha crackers for the base in the chemical production process.


Dow offers as number of attractive facilities for the companies it collaborates with. There is, for instance, the 140 hectare Valuepark Terneuzen, which offers space for companies who add value to the chemical industry, such as customers and suppliers.


There is also the Maintenance Valuepark Terneuzen (MVP), which targets the development, disclosure and spread of knowledge and services aimed at maintenance in the process industry. The MVP has the ambition to become recognized within a few years as the location for maintenance at world class level in the process industry.   


Dow also offers pipeline management: In the Netherlands and Belgium there are thousands of kilometers of pipes below the surface. Gas, oil and chemicals can be transported pressurized through these pipes. Via an enormous network Dow maintains 215 kilometers pipes for the transport from our production location in Terneuzen to our customers at other locations.  


A last example if the Business Process Service Center b.v. (BPSC); a fast growing independent enterprise, delivering custom services to Dow businesses and joint ventures in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India. Their service includes logistic services, but also administrative services in the field of billing and buying.

Our locations

In addition to the Benlux location, Dow has two additional locations in the Delta Regio; a Cello-size Plant in Zwijndrecht and a service center and sales office in Antwerp. 

  • Dow Benelux Terneuzen

    Dow Benelux Terneuzen

    Herbert H. Dowweg 5

    4542 NM Hoek

    DOW Benelux

Connected companies

Dow Benelux is betrokken bij meerdere SDR businesscases: 

  • Dow levert Yara en ICL-IP overtollige waterstof via een al bestaande Gasunie-leiding. Het is het begin van een ware ‘waterstofrotonde’. Staalproducent ArcelorMitttal in de haven van Gent is een serieuze kandidaat voor die waterstofrotonde in wording. ArcelorMittal kan de waterstof goed gebruiken bij zijn staalproductie.
  • ArcelorMittal heeft koolmonoxide als restproduct. Dat kan met de waterstof van Dow Benelux worden ingezet voor de productie van syngas, waarmee Dow chemische producten zoals azijnzuur kan maken als basis voor onder meer synthetische vezels, lijmen en plastics.
  • Daarnaast onderzoekt Dow Benelux de mogelijkheden om overtollig zout per binnenvaartschip te leveren aan branchegenoot Sabic in Bergen op Zoom ten behoeve van de chloorproductie aldaar. Er wordt gewerkt aan een business case.


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