Suiker Unie

Cosun werkt nauw samen met haar telers en partners aan een betere toekomst.

Suiker Unie closely collaborates with her planters and partners towards a more sustainable future.


Suiker Unie develops, produces and markets sugar and sugar specialties. Her factories for the production of  sugar and dry- and liquid sugar specialties are some of the most modern facilities in the world.


A factory is located next to the main headquarters in Dinteloord that processes sugar beets into granulated sugar, this is done from September until late January, immediately following the harvest. The sugar is then sifted to the desired grain size, stored and shipped to the customers in the desired packaging.


The factory in Roosendaal produces liquid specialties, such as liquid sugar, vercosine, melado for industrial application and consumer syrups.


Suiker Unie collaborates closely with her planters and partners towards a more sustainable future. We do so by continually improving the local cultivation and the production of nutritional and other useful substances from sugar beet. Naturally with respect for man and his environment.


Suiker Unie works on climate control and the closing of the production cycle in combination with the biobased economy. In the long run, products based on fossil oil is replaced by products made from renewable materials. 

Suiker Unie Dinteloord

Noordzeedijk 113

4671 TL Dinteloord

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Company Profile

Suiker Unie is part of Royal Cosun. This international agro-industrial cooperation develops, produces and markets natural food supplements and ingredients. The ambition to the make optimal use of the plant-based materials; this is good for the environment, return rates and answers the social need for sustainable product and production processes. Royal Cosun produces ingredients for food, non-food and the chemical industry.  


In the business-to-business market Suiker Unie supplies granulated sugar in nearly every grain size. In addition we supply a wide variety of assorted dry and liquid sugar specialties. We supply our products both in bulk and piece goods.


On the international retail/food service market we deliver a wide assortment of granulated sugar and sugar specialties. In the Netherlands this is done through the brand Van Gilse.


The production process not only produces sugar, but also beet pulp for animal feedstock, betacal (an agricultural calcium fertilizer), molasses for fermentation industry and animal feedstock. During the fermentation process, green gas forms from the water used to wash the sugar beets. The gas serves as an energy source for the factory. 

Our locations

Cosun beschikt over twee locaties in de Delta-regio: in Dinteloord en Roosendaal. Daarnaast biedt Cosun verschillende grootschalige terreinen aan, gelegen op verschillende locaties in Zuidwest-Nederland.

  • Suiker Unie Dinteloord

    Suiker Unie Dinteloord

    Noordzeedijk 113

    4671 TL Dinteloord

  • Suiker Unie Suikerspecialiteiten Roosendaal

    Suiker Unie Suikerspecialiteiten Roosendaal

    Industriestraat 11

    4704 BA Roosendaal

    Suiker Unie

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