Yara supplies solutions for sustainable agriculture and the environment. Through our fertilizers and programs for crop nutrition we help supply food for a growing global population.

Our industrial products and solutions ensure lower emissions, better air quality and safer and more efficient usage.  Yara, founded in Norway in 1905, is a global organization with over 12.000 employees and customers in 150 countries. Safety always has our highest priority.


Yara’s knowledge, products and solutions ensure growth for the farmer, the distributor and the industrial clients, in a profitable and responsible manner, while the natural resources, food and environment on planet earth are protected.


The Yara plant in Sluiskil has been situated along the Ghent-Terneuzen canal since 1929, an important waterway via the Western Scheldt to the North Sea and connecting to the primary European waterways. As with many European production locations, the development was related to the availability of cokes oven gas, which we obtain from a neighboring cokes factory.  

Yara Sluiskil B.V.

Industrieweg 10

4541 JH Sluiskil

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Since 1929 Yara Sluiskil is located along the Ghent-Terneuzen canal-zone. Yara produces nitrogenous fertilizer and industrial chemicals, such as Air 1® and NOxCare®, but we also produce CO₂ for the soda industry and breweries for example.  

Within the concern the Sluiskil location is one of the largest production locations, where 4.9 million ton of product was shipped off in 2015. The factories are amongst the most efficient and reliable in the world. Safety has our top priority. In 2014 we reached a safety record of 4 million working hours without absence due to accidents, this equals 2.500 employment years.


In recent years the company has developed in rapid speed from bulk producer to supplier of special fertilizers and products that contribute to environmental improvement. At Yara Sluiskil 600 persons are employed. The company takes her social responsibility seriously and is grateful for the positive relationships and the trust they receive from their wide group of stakeholders.


The Sluiskil location has three ammonia factories, four CO₂-factories, two nitric acid factories and two urea factories (one prill- and one granulation factory) and two nitrate granulation factories.


Sluiskil is home to Yara’s largest European ammonia- and nitrate fertilizer factory.  In the past few years, the production of ammonia and the products distilled from it, such as nitrate, urea and Air1® has intensified. The Sluiskil site produces 1.8 million tons of ammonia annually, which is largely valorized locally for a wide array of end products.


Good connections to the European gas networks ensure flexibility in the involvement of natural gas from the various suppliers in these networks. Electricity is, for the most, part sourced locally. The largest portion of the end products is sold in Europe, but a considerable portion is also shipped, mainly to North- and South America.



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  • Yara Sluiskil B.V.

    Yara Sluiskil B.V.

    Industrieweg 10

    4541 JH Sluiskil


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Yara werkt samen met Dow en ICL-IP in de business case Waterstofsymbiose. Daarbij wordt overtollige waterstof van Dow via een al bestaande Gasunie-leiding getransporteerd naar Yara en ICL-IP, die het goed kunnen gebruiken in hun productieprocessen. Transport van de waterstof per ondergrondse pijpleiding biedt een win-win voor alle betrokkenen. 

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