Roadmap SDR

Roadmap towards a climate neutral industry in the Delta Region

Roadmap towards a climate neutral industry in the Delta region

The SDR companies have joined hands to realise a CO2 neutral industry by 2050. For this they have developed a roadmap in which the transition paths are defined thus enabling the companies to achieve a CO2-neutral production. This transition requires an enormous effort from companies and governments, not only for adapting existing production processes, but also the pipeline infrastructure in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Greening can also be realised by way of green electricity and green hydrogen produced with green electricity. In addition, the reuse of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide (Carbon Capture Utilization) and the underground storage of the latter (Carbon Capture Storage) is of great importance.


Extensive electrification of industrial processes can only take place with a considerable increase in the electricity grid and a huge increase in the production of green electricity. Similarly, the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier, as a chemical and as a storage medium for temporary surpluses or shortages, is only possible if an extensive pipeline network is available. The same applies to the reuse and storage of carbon dioxide. 

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