Royal Cosun is a modern, future-oriented cooperative that originated in the Netherlands and currently has 26 offices in 9 countries. Cosun converts the enormous potential of plants into everyday solutions: not only ingredients and food for humans and animals, but also green, bio-based solutions and energy. Based on a clear vision, the five strong business groups Aviko, Duynie, Sensus, Suiker Unie and SVZ offer diverse products and services: from French fries, syrup and ingredients in gingerbread, ice cream, meat substitutes and fruit drinks to detergents, wallpaper adhesive and cosmetics.

Cosun’s objective for 2030 is clear: ‘we will be 100% plant-based, 100% circular and 100% transparent.’
Together with their growers, they still see endless opportunities to achieve positive effects for a better future through plants. Together with clients, they are looking to make a meaningful contribution to society and the climate issue. With its thousands of passionate growers at home and abroad, Cosun achieves a turnover of approximately 2 billion euros per year, with a current throughput of about 12 million tonnes of biomass per year. Where possible, they are also developing sustainable initiatives in the field of circularity.

Within SDR, Cosun is also an active partner in the Heat Delta program.