Settle in the Delta Region

Doing business in the Delta region proved to be a success formula for many companies. They found their way to the region because of the favorable economic climate, the relatively low cost for entrepreneurs, excellent hinterland connections via traffic-jam-free roads, waterways and railways, the no-nonsense attitude of the local working population and the exceptional living environment.

The region has a very strategic location between the world ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. The ports are both a 45-minute drive away. In addition, there are also several ports here in the region, such as the port areas of North Sea Port in Vlissingen, Terneuzen and Ghent. Together they form one of Europe's main ports. Even the largest seagoing vessels can reach the deep sea ports of Vlissingen (16.5 meters) and Terneuzen (12.5 meters) and the waiting times are short. Through high-quality transport links on water, road and rail, you can easily continue your journey to Germany, Belgium, Northern France and the rest of Europe.

The Delta region has a strong international chemical and logistics cluster with major players in the process industry such as Dow Benelux, Yara and Arkema. In addition, the agri-food sector is strongly represented. In addition, we believe that in the Delta region we are stronger together. Companies, governments and knowledge institutions combine their efforts to strengthen the strong sectors and make it more sustainable. Not only Smart Delta Resources, but also Biobased Delta, Biopark Terneuzen and the Maintenance Valuepark (MVP) are prime examples of this.

There is space for real estate investments and other new developments in the commercial and industrial areas.

Want to learn more about the benefits of establishing your business in Zeeland? Please feel free to contact Invest in Zeeland and / or North Sea Port (for port-related activities).


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