The platform for industrial symbiosis

SDR is an initiative taken by the resource and energy intensive industrial partners and explores the possibilities to significantly reduce the use of energy and resources by the companies through industrial symbiosis. This improves the competitive edge for the companies and the region while contributing to the reduction of CO₂ emissions and the industrial transition to a circular economy respectively. The emphasis for this industrial symbiosis is in developing business cases: clear cut collaborative projects by multiple companies to improve their energy and resources position.

In realizing this transition, there is also a task for the government. Connections between companies often demand infrastructure, such as pipelines, which is not in place yet. The government does not take on this role automatically, one of the SDR platform tasks is to plead the case to the government for the urgent need of these public infrastructural improvements to make the desired industrial transition a success.  

Our activities

  • Identify opportunities for the exchange of energy and feedstock;
  • Joint development and realization of business cases (=tangible, profitable investment projects);
  • Find symbiosis collaboration opportunities with companies who are not a member yet;
  • Attract new business activity to the region. 
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