Cargill supplies food, agricultural, financial and industrial services and products worldwide, drawing on more than 155 years of experience and expertise. Cargill buys, processes and distributes grains, oilseeds and other products to the food and animal feed industry. They also offer livestock farmers and farmers related services and products. They supply quality ingredients, including health-promoting ingredients and combinations of ingredients, meat and chicken products to food and beverage companies, to service providers in the food industry and to the distribution sector.

Cargill develops and markets sustainable products made from renewable agricultural raw materials. With 155,000 employees in 70 countries, they work every day to provide the world with food in a responsible manner, to limit the impact on the environment and improve the society in which we live and work. Responsible business practices have always been employed in the search for new opportunities. A unifying and stimulating basis to look for ways to do better every single day, so that we can sustainably provide the world with food far into the future.

Within SDR, Cargill is also an active partner in the Heat Delta programs.


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