The international partners within Smart Delta Resources NL (SDR) are very diverse, but each belong to the (innovative) world top of their own sector: Air Liquide, Air Products, Cargill, Cosun, Dow, Gasunie, Lamb Weston/Meijer, Ørsted, PZEM, Trinseo, Vopak, Yara and Zeeland Refinery.

With full support from Impuls Zeeland, North Sea Port and Province of Zeeland.


Top companies with an intrinsic desire to innovate

The international partners within Smart Delta Resources NL (SDR) are extremely diverse, but each, individually, is among the (innovative) global leaders in their own sector: Air Liquide, Air Products, Cargill, Cosun, Dow, Gasunie, Lamb Weston/Meijer, Ørsted, PZEM, Trinseo, Vopak, Yara, Zeeland Refinery. SDR receives active support from the province of Zeeland, the North Sea Port cross-border port company and ‘NV Economic Impuls Zeeland’. Each of the partners within SDR has their own sustainability agenda and ambitions, which reinforce each other in their collaboration within SDR. In their own agendas lies the intrinsic will to innovate, to become more sustainable and to be a good employer within the sector and the region. The structural collaboration between the Netherlands and Flanders within both governments and companies is anchored in the overarching goal of making the region more sustainable, whereby cooperation is not an option but is of crucial importance in achieving their own ambitions.


air liquide

Air Liquide

Air Liquide provides industrial gases, technologies and services to the industries, collaborating with customers to develop better value chains and create and deliver synergies.

air products

Air Products

Air Products is a world-leading industrial gases company in operation for 80 years. Air Products is also the global leader in the supply of liquefied natural gas process technology and equipment. 

SDR Partner ArcelorMittal


ArcelorMittal is the largest steel producer in the world, producing 96 million tons of steel in 2018. The company has branches in 6 countries and around 200,000 employees.

SDR Partner Cargill


Cargill supplies food, agricultural, financial and industrial services and products worldwide, drawing on more than 155 years of experience and expertise.

SDR Partner Cosun

Royal Cosun

Royal Cosun is a modern, future-oriented cooperative that originated in the Netherlands and currently has 26 offices in 9 countries. Cosun converts the enormous potential of plants into everyday solutions.

SDR Partner Dow

Dow Benelux

Dow Chemical Company is the third largest chemical company in the world by size and the world leader in plastics. Dow is active in 35 countries, and in the Benelux since 1955.

SDR Partner Engie

ENGIE Electrabel

ENGIE Electrabel, formerly Electrabel, is the Belgian energy-department of the French multinational ENGIE. ENGIE Electrabel sells electricity, natural gas, energy products and energy services to business customers and private individuals in the Belgian consumer market.

SDR Partner Fluxys


Fluxys is an independent partner in the energy sector with its headquarters in Belgium. Fluxys facilitates gas flows and operates some 8,100 km of pipelines throughout Europe

SDR Partner Gasunie


Gasunie is a leading European energy infrastructure company, with gas transport and gas storage as its core activities. Gasunie is responsible for managing and maintaining the infrastructure for large-scale transport and storage of gases in the Netherlands and Northern Germany.

SDR Partner Lambweston/Meijer

Lamb Weston / Meijer

Lamb Weston / Meijer is one of the largest potato producers in the world. Their factories produce frozen fries in all shapes and sizes and for all occasions.

SDR Partner Orsted


Ørsted develops, builds and operates wind farms at sea and on land, and also focuses on solar energy, energy storage facilities and bio-energy plants

SDR Partner PZEM


PZEM produce energy, 40% of which is already generated sustainably in an optimal mix with flexible conventional production.

SDR Partner Trinseo


Trinseo provides solutions in the field of chemical materials and this includes producing plastics, latex binders and synthetic rubber. With 19 production facilities worldwide, Trinseo has a major impact on numerous markets and sectors.

SDR Partner Vopak


Koninklijke Vopak NV is the world's largest independent tank storage service provider, specializing in the storage and reporting of bulk liquid chemicals, gases and oil products. 



Yara is committed to crop nutrition solutions and precision farming products, which enable farmers to increase yields and product quality while simultaneously reducing environmental impact.

Zeeland Refinery

Zeeland Refinery

Zeeland Refinery produces fuels and key raw materials from crude oil. Zeeland Refinery aims to be a sustainable and flexible refinery that is one of the best in Western Europe.

windmolen SDR

Impuls Zeeland

Impuls Zeeland is one of eight regional development companies (ROMs) in the Netherlands. Impuls stimulates the Zeeland economy and supports innovative companies in the province of Zeeland.

havengebied Terneuzen

North Sea Port

North Sea Port is a multimodal port with diversification in types of goods and plenty of space for development, on over 1.000 hectare in business sites.

kanaal Sluiskil Yara

Province of East Flanders (BE)

The Belgian province of East Flanders is also an important supporting partner within the cross-border cooperation of SDR. The province of East Flanders is one of the five provinces of the Flemish Region and one of the ten provinces of Belgium.

Havengebied Vlissingen

Province Zeeland (NL)

The province of Zeeland is a supporting partner within SDR, which actively focuses on the economic development, growth and innovation of Zeeland. The water around the province offers many opportunities for tidal energy and wind energy.

This collaboration has now been made tangible in several SDR programs and the associated partner projects. The cross-border Terneuzen-Ghent Canal Zone has benefited, for example, from a continuous industrial area with a great diversity of chemical/ petrochemical, steel, paper, fertilizer, car assembly and food industries. This diversity offers various opportunities for symbiosis between companies, whereby the interconnection of production processes can lead to the valorisation of residual flows. Additionally, concrete steps are being taken to substantially reduce CO2 emissions with a hydrogen connection between Dow in Terneuzen and Yara in Sluiskil. Furthermore, the innovative Steel2Chemicals and Carbon2Value projects of Dow Terneuzen and ArcelorMittal Gent are in full development. The merger of the ports of Zeeland Seaports (Terneuzen and Vlissingen) and the Ghent Port Company in 2018 into the current North Sea Port company is also a strong illustration of this.

Cross-border cooperation within both governments and companies is embedded in the overarching goal of making the region more sustainable.