Our ambition is for a competitive and climate neutral industry by 2050. The investments in this are significant, as is our impact as a region: simply because of our scale in CO2 emissions and industrial hydrogen consumption.

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The Multi Generation Plan, Dow's roadmap to CO2 neutral production

In the past year, Smart Delta Resources partner Dow presented its Multi Generation Plan. This plan describes the route that the Terneuzen site of the chemical group will take to achieve CO2 neutrality in 2050.


Study concludes: North Sea Port well positioned for clean hydrogen hub

As part of the Hydrogen Delta programme, SDR has coordinated a feasibility study into the possible hub function of North Sea Port for clean hydrogen (carriers).

air liquide

With ELYgator, Air Liquide takes a major step towards a CO2-neutral society

Smart Delta Resources’ partner Air Liquide has the ambition to build and operate one of the world's largest electrolysis plants,  producing hydrogen entirely from renewable electricity.

wind at sea

The SDR region is home to a powerful industry cluster of chemicals, steel, energy and food. Our ambitions and challenges are great, as is our impact as a region: because of our scale in CO2 emissions and industrial hydrogen consumption (the largest regional hydrogen use in the Benelux) and in size. North Sea Port alone has an added value of 12.5 billion euros and (in) direct employment of 100,000 jobs.


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Hydrogen Delta

The ambitious Hydrogen Delta Program aims to make the industry more sustainable by phasing out gray hydrogen through clean hydrogen investments. The program also aspires to position the region as the largest hydrogen cluster in the Netherlands, Flanders and Europe.


Carbon Connect Delta

The Carbon Connect Delta Program has the ambition to capture, transport and store 6.5 Mtonnes of CO2 by 2030 by means of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). The application of CCS is also of crucial importance within the hydrogen transition path. Development of the CCS system is an essential step towards a CO2-neutral and circular industry in the region.


Spark Delta

The Spark Delta Program reduces CO2 emissions through electrification and optimization of production processes through innovative technologies. Replacing fossil fuels with electricity from zero-emission sources has a huge impact on the electricity grid. Spark Delta is committed to a robust, cost-effective electricity grid that can transport the explosive increase in supply and demand. Important sub-projects within Spark Delta are aimed at landing windpower at sea, a 380 kV connection in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and an additional 380 kV station in Borssele. 

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