Roadmap SDR

Roadmap towards a climate neutral industry in the Delta Region

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Smart exchange in the Delta region

The business initiative which realizes industrial symbiosis

Smart Delta Resources is an initiative taken by thirteen energy- and feedstock intensive companies searching for a reduction in their use of energy and feedstock though industrial symbiosis. SDR companies in Steel, Energy, Chemical and Food Industry work together to create industrial connections and develop interesting business cases. The industrial symbiosis between the various sectors in the region has economic optimization as a starting point, but in time it also contributes to making their processes more sustainable. This collaboration contributes to the national targets for sustainable economic development, reduction of greenhouse gases such as CO₂ and reduction of the fossil footprint. The platform is actively supported by Province of Zeeland, Province of Oost-Vlaanderen and North Sea Port. NV Economische Impuls Zeeland facilitates the platform.
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  • Strategically Located

  • Industrial symbiosis

  • Cost-effective in the long-term

  • Initiated by businesses

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  • Business case

    Hydrogen symbiosis

    Hydrogen is a byproduct from the DOW crackers. YARA and ICL-IP, located in the vicinity of DOW, need this product for their processes. Transport of this hydrogen via underground pipes offers a win-win situation for all parties involved. For these business cases a so-called Green Deal was signed on march 14, 2016. The Green Deal aims to realize this plan.

    Hydrogen symbiosis