The Netherlands has ambitious goals for realizing a circular economy. Within the cross-border cluster, we look at opportunities to shape collaboration in the field of circularity and to think strategically about the further development and optimization of material flows to and within the cluster. 

SDR does this in broad terms by focusing on two circular sub-themes: carbon & water. Sounding board groups have been set up for both streams to think about the opportunities, obstacles and concrete proposals within the cluster. To this end, SDR conducts studies with the participants and organizes moments when the various companies come together to discuss the circular economy, such as the Circular Industry Day. Also read about some concrete projects in the cluster area via the link. 

But it doesn't end there. Since the Circular Industry Day, the sounding board groups have continued and hope to soon arrive at more concrete cooperation projects in the North Sea Port region. SDR does this in close coordination with the parties involved, including looking at the (policy) obstacles to putting an end to waste. Because in a circular system waste is a valuable raw material. And it is precisely here that this cluster offers a lot of potential for collaboration due to the versatility of sectors.