North Sea Port is a multimodal port with diversification in types of goods and plenty of space for development, on over 1.000 hectare in business sites. As a central logistic hub, the European top port unlocks the hinterland through several types of transportation, with emphasis on inland shipping.  Thanks to the large area of 9.100 hectare and the central position in Western Europe, companies and their trade partners can service Europe optimally. North Sea Port is globally active, and is being deployed by 525 companies. This brings the region 100.000 jobs and an added value of 14 million euro.

North Sea Port aims at sustainable economic activity. This contributes to prosperity in the region and generates value for the environment and shareholders. The port delivers sustainable  wind energy tot the electricity net by building wind parks and windmills. The offshore-industry in Flanders develops quickly: in the North Sea already 50 wind parks have been built and are being maintained, also by companies in North Sea Port. In the port area a number of 100 windmills are active, generating 280 megawatts a year together. This is enough to supply no less than 180.000 households with current a whole year long.