PZEM produce energy, 40% of which is already generated sustainably in an optimal mix with flexible conventional production. The pillars of the portfolio are formed by the PPA with Gemini (the largest offshore wind farm in the Netherlands), a nuclear power plant, a biomass power station and the modern Sloe power station, which are optimised and traded on the trading floor. PZEM purchases sustainable electricity production from a number of large and small wind farms. The Sloe power station enables PZEM to fall back on a clean, modern and flexible gas-fired power station when insufficient wind and solar energy is produced.

Renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly important in the transition to a low-CO2 energy supply. PZEM does this through long-term contracts, such as with the Gemini offshore wind farm, one of the largest offshore farms in the world. This North Sea wind farm, with a capacity of 600 Megawatts, produces enough green electricity for 785,000 households. PZEM also owns 50% of the shares in Evides, which takes care of drinking water in the south-west of the Netherlands, supplies industrial water and provides large-scale water purification. In doing so, PZEM focuses not only on green electricity, but also on delivering a sustainable total package.

Within SDR, PZEM is an active partner in the Carbon Connect, Delta, Spark Delta and Hydrogen Delta programs.