Trinseo provides solutions in the field of chemical materials and this includes producing plastics, latex binders and synthetic rubber. With 19 production facilities worldwide, Trinseo has a major impact on numerous markets and sectors: Trinseo supplies the automotive, appliance, electronics, packaging, paper and cardboard, carpet and tire industries, among others. Trinseo materials are also used in toys (Lego), lighting, building and construction, and medical supplies. In Europe, the three largest production sites are located in Terneuzen, Stade and Schkopau (the last two in Germany).

In addition to its production locations, Trinseo also has 11 research labs, where specific and continuous efforts are being done to make solutions and products more sustainable. In 2017, Trinseo opened a new research and development centre in Terneuzen, the Netherlands. In the field of sustainability, Trinseo has a surprisingly large impact as an organisation, precisely because they focus on making everyday products more sustainable: from cars that weigh less and therefore consume less fuel to LED lighting that shines brighter, but uses less electricity. 


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