Volvo Car Gent is a car factory in the Ghent part of North Sea Port, consisting of a welding factory, paint factory, final assembly and various adjacent zones. With 183,238 cars produced (2021) per year, Volvo Car Gent is one of the strongholds within Volvo Car Corporation and a pioneer in the electrification strategy of parent company Volvo Cars. The XC40, V60 and C40 models are built at Volvo Car Gent. With over 6,500 employees, they are the largest industrial employer in East Flanders. By reducing emissions throughout the entire value chain, Volvo Car Gent wants to be a climate neutral company by 2040. They do this via a robust CO2 reduction roadmap that includes a thorough life cycle analysis for each model and an electrification strategy, both in production and product.