Royal Vopak NV is the world's largest independent tank storage service provider, specializing in the storage and reporting of bulk liquid chemicals, gases and oil products. Vopak has a worldwide network of tank terminals. These terminals are strategically located for users in relation to the main shipping routes; also in the SDR area. Customers are predominantly companies from the chemical and oil industry, for which Vopak stocks a wide variety of products for a large number of industries. Vopak has nearly 400 years of experience in storage and transit.

Vopak offers high-quality storage and transhipment services at our terminals with a larger storage capacity than any other independent storage company in the world. Vopak is happy to go one step further in its services as a crucial part of the logistics chain with unparalleled care and attention. Vopak also focuses on future logistics and storage of CO2, H2 and Electricity.


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