Dow Chemical Company is the third largest chemical company in the world by size and the world leader in plastics. Dow is active in 35 countries, and in the Benelux since 1955. Dow Benelux has approximately 4,000 employees at eight locations in the Netherlands (Terneuzen, Delfzijl and Dordrecht) and Belgium (Antwerp, Brussels, Tertre, Zwijndrecht and Seneffe), including six production locations that focus on consumer care, infrastructure and the packaging industry. Dow combines chemistry, biology and physics to create innovative products in several key markets: innovative solutions that are essential for human progress.

Dow Benelux strives for a positive impact on the environment and climate in everything it does. About 3% of turnover is spent annually on research & development, based on the belief that the chemical industry plays a key role in the transition to a sustainable society. Dow wants to contribute to solving the most pressing global problems, such as the energy and climate crisis and safe, clean drinking water through connecting chemistry with science and sustainable choices. Dow also invests in local and environmental projects, such as a breeding island for common terns and insect populations. There are currently 600 projects on the go!

Within SDR, Dow Benelux is, among other things, an active partner in the Spark Delta, Carbon Connect Delta and Hydrogen Delta programs.


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