Gasunie is a leading European energy infrastructure company, with gas transport and gas storage as its core activities. Gasunie is responsible for managing and maintaining the infrastructure for large-scale transport and storage of gases in the Netherlands and Northern Germany. The organisation was founded in 1963, four years after the discovery of natural gas in Groningen. Gasunie serves the public interest and facilitates the energy transition by offering integrated infrastructure services. Safety, reliability, sustainability and cost awareness are paramount in the delivery of these services.

Gasunie believes in a sustainable future with a balanced energy mix and a permanent role for gas that comes from various sources.  To serve its customers with innovative solutions in the field of (gas) infrastructure, they build on three pillars: ensuring a safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable gas infrastructure in our core area, contributing to an efficient gas infrastructure and services for a properly functioning European natural gas and LNG market and finally by accelerating the transition to a CO2-neutral energy supply

Within SDR, Gasunie is an active partner in the Hydrogen Delta and Carbon Connect programs.