Impuls Zeeland is one of eight regional development companies (ROMs) in the Netherlands. Impuls stimulates the Zeeland economy and supports innovative companies in the province of Zeeland. This is done by attracting new companies, internationalizing and financing innovative start-ups and growing companies, and developing projects and programs in Zeeland's top sectors. We do all this together with governments, entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions. In this way we ensure sustainable growth and reinforcement of the regional economy and employment.

Impuls Zeeland works on the basis of a Strategic Long-Term Plan. This clearly describes the missions 'CO2 reduction and sustainability in SMEs and large companies' and 'the economically future-proof, liveable delta'. In our annual plans, we further elaborate these missions in projects in the field of innovation financing, program and project development and attracting companies. The SDR platform is actively supported by NV Economic Impuls Zeeland as lead party.