Worldwide, 8 million tons of TiO2 are produced annually and KRONOS produces 560,000 tons of this, spread over factories in the US, Canada, Germany, Norway and Belgium. The factory in Belgium, KRONOS EUROPE, with its 300 employees realizes a turnover of 90,000 tons and is continuously working on further capacity expansion. 

TiO2 production is very energy intensive and energy efficiency is a top priority for KRONOS. KRONOS EUROPE has an exemplary role in this within the group. For example, investments were made here in an installation for heat recovery from our waste gases. Residual heat from the production process is used to produce steam, which in turn is reused in the process. This results in significant savings in natural gas consumption and the associated CO2 emissions.

KRONOS is also working on energy transition and is looking at both maximum electrification and, for example, switching to hydrogen. 

KRONOS wants to be at least energy neutral by 2050. If all decarbonisation projects are realized, we will even be CO2 negative.