Industry Scheldt-Delta region presents update sustainability plans

The recently presented Cluster Energy Strategy 2022 report describes the plans that the industry cluster wants to implement to achieve the CO2 reduction climate targets and provides an overview of the infrastructure to be developed in order to achieve this.

vlissingen oost

Vopak prepares for import of green ammonia in North Sea Port, the Netherlands

In response to the growing demand for sustainable raw materials and energy, preparations are currently being made at Vopak Terminal Vlissingen for the storage of green ammonia.


Regional hydrogen projects selected as project of European interest

The green hydrogen projects ELYgator (Air Liquide) and Haddock (Ørsted & Yara) received IPCEI status from the European Commission last week.


Flemish-Dutch SDR Summit is brimming with energy

By working together cross-border in the ambition of a climate-neutral industry in 2050, we ensure a sustainable and economically strong Scheldt-Delta region.


Yara Sluiskil provides insight into sustainability plans with Climate Roadmap 2030

Once again, Yara Sluiskil, as the largest hydrogen producer in the Netherlands and the largest production site of the group, sees opportunities to be an enabler for a sustainable hydrogen economy.


Expansion of SDR collaboration with Evides Industriewater and VoltH2

Since July 1st, Smart Delta Resources has two new partners on board: Evides Industriewater and VoltH2. 


Promising clean hydrogen projects in the Scheldt Delta region

The Scheldt Delta region is home to several promising clean hydrogen projects, including Ørsted's SeaH2Land.


The Multi Generation Plan, Dow's roadmap to CO2 neutral production

In the past year, Smart Delta Resources partner Dow presented its Multi Generation Plan. This plan describes the route that the Terneuzen site of the chemical group will take to achieve CO2 neutrality in 2050.

hydrogen europe

Hydrogen Europe on a working visit in the Scheldt Delta region

Last Friday, Hydrogen Europe was a guest at Smart Delta Resources, North Sea Port and the Province of Zeeland. 


Study concludes: North Sea Port well positioned for clean hydrogen hub

As part of the Hydrogen Delta programme, SDR has coordinated a feasibility study into the possible hub function of North Sea Port for clean hydrogen (carriers).

air liquide

With ELYgator, Air Liquide takes a major step towards a CO2-neutral society

Smart Delta Resources’ partner Air Liquide has the ambition to build and operate one of the world's largest electrolysis plants,  producing hydrogen entirely from renewable electricity.


Zeeland hydrogen symbiosis has been proving its added value for three years now

One of the first major successes of Smart Delta Resources was in the form of a Green Deal for the hydrogen exchange between Dow Benelux and Yara Sluiskil.