East Flanders has the ambition to be an ideal location for companies. To help realize this, the POM develops space for companies and actively promotes cooperation between companies on business parks. The focus is on the leading role of East Flanders in the logistics sector and in the knowledge economy. 

Based on the East Flemish ambitions and its executive role, the POM is an enthusiastic participant in SDR. 

The POM East Flanders is the economic development company of the Province that participates, develops, motivates and pioneers for a sustainable, innovative, future-oriented and climate-healthy East Flanders.

East Flanders has the ambition to be an ideal location for companies. But to realize this ambition, space to do business is necessary. We create this space for doing business by participating in the development of business parks. These are critical to a healthy economy. After all, there is space available on business parks, space that is necessary to be able to grow, to invest, to remain economically healthy.

In addition, collaboration between companies addresses challenges that transcend the individual company. We do this on the basis of business park management (BTM). The POM has the ambition to transform the industrial estates in East Flanders into robust ecosystems by 2050. In all our projects we look for a healthy match between economic activity, energy, materials, water, space and mobility.

Thanks to its strategic location, the presence of two seaports and its multimodal transport connections, East Flanders has everything it takes to further strengthen its position as a top logistics region. In addition, the cooperation between universities, research centers and the business world ensures that East Flanders plays a pioneering role in high-tech sectors such as ICT, biotechnology and new materials. This leading role in the logistics sector and in the knowledge economy helps to further expand the POM.