The Belgian province of East Flanders is also an important supporting partner within the cross-border cooperation of SDR. The province of East Flanders is one of the five provinces of the Flemish Region and one of the ten provinces of Belgium. The Province has its own board: the provincial council makes policy and the deputation implements it. In the implementation of the policy, the commissioners can count on a thousand employees.

In November 2018, a memorandum was signed in Middelburg whereby the Province of East Flanders joined the cross-border partnership Smart Delta Resources. The Province is responsible for, among other things, the economy, agriculture, global solidarity, housing, heritage, recreation, the environment, tourism, education, spatial planning, urban development, mobility, integrated water policy. In all these sectors, the Province plays a role as a partner, initiator or intermediary. Always striving for innovation and improvement of quality of life through the spearheads 'knowledge works' and 'experience it'.