Zeeland Refinery produces fuels and key raw materials from crude oil. Zeeland Refinery aims to be a sustainable and flexible refinery that is one of the best in Western Europe. In doing so, they set long-term ambitions in the field of safety, sustainability, environment, people and organisation, commercialisation of research and cost control. Zeeland Refinery has more than four hundred employees, half of whom work on a five-shift roster. Several of our initiatives make us one of the most energy efficient refineries in Europe.

Zeeland Refinery is committed to energy efficiency and the generation of renewable energy. Zeeland Refinery owns its own solar park - Zeeland Solar. The size of the solar park is equivalent to 22 football pitches and it has 28,000 solar panels. Zeeland Solar produces enough energy to provide the company with a quarter of their electricity consumption. Its energy efficiency has improved by 20% in the period from 2008 to 2018. Zeeland Refinery is not only busy making its own site more sustainable, but also collaborates with other companies to achieve greater sustainability.

Within SDR, Zeeland refinery is, among other things, an active partner in the Spark Delta, Carbon Connect Delta and Hydrogen delta programs.

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