These are projects of SDR partners Air Liquide (ELYgator) and Ørsted (Haddock). The projects focus on making hydrogen through electrolysis (the splitting of water into oxygen and hydrogen using electricity). Large installations are being developed and built for this purpose. By using green electricity, they produce the hydrogen in a sustainable way, with less CO2 emissions. The power plants have a capacity of 100 MW (Haddock) and 200 MW (ELYgator). In comparison, the largest currently operational power plant in Europe is 20 MW.

Pioneering projects such as ELYgator and Haddock contribute to national and European climate ambitions, as hydrogen will play a key role in making industry and the mobility sector more sustainable. The companies have plans to use this 'renewable' hydrogen for various industries. For example for use in refineries, for the production of fertilizers and for the mobility sector. The grant award is an important step towards the final investment decision.

Important hydrogen projects
The national government has announced that a total of seven projects for the production of green hydrogen in the Netherlands will receive a subsidy. So two of them are in Zeeland and the other five are in Amsterdam/North Sea Canal, Rotterdam and Groningen. In total, several hundreds of millions of euros are involved. The subsidy for these projects comes from the Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) subsidy scheme Hydrogen: Hydrogen production by electrolysis. This subsidy is intended for important projects in the field of renewable hydrogen.

Other news


Official opening of Ørsted Borssele 1&2 wind farm

The official opening of the Borssele 1&2 wind farm of SDR partner Ørsted took place on 6 September 2021. The wind farm has been operational since the last quarter of 2020.

Smart Delta Resources

Scheldt Delta Region takes responsibility in making industry more sustainable

Greenhouse gas emissions in industry must be reduced to zero by 2050. Industry in Zeeland, united in the Smart Delta Resources partnership, aims to reduce CO2 emissions by more than half in 9 years.

Dow Benelux

Dow Benelux presents roadmap towards climate neutrality in 2050

The roadmap makes Terneuzen an exemplary location and role model for the company's global transition to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. The roadmap has been set up in three phases.