One of the first major successes of Smart Delta Resources was in the form of a Green Deal for the hydrogen exchange between Dow Benelux and Yara Sluiskil in March 2016, which resulted in the commissioning of this pipeline in 2018. 

Hydrogen is released in the various DOW naphtha crackers, and Dow does not need all of this. Yara Sluiskil can make good use of this hydrogen as a raw material in their production processes. At the time, it was the first existing natural gas pipeline that was made suitable by Gasunie for the transport of hydrogen. Hydrogen for industrial application has therefore been exchanged efficiently and safely via the pipeline, which is 12 kilometers long. The project of this hydrogen exchange initiated by Smart Delta Resources is a good example of circular economy in practice.


Other news


Large-scale potential for green hydrogen in the Schelde-Deltaregion

The Flemish-Dutch Schelde-Deltaregion is very suitable for large-scale production and use of green hydrogen.

air liquide

With ELYgator, Air Liquide takes a major step towards a CO2-neutral society

Smart Delta Resources’ partner Air Liquide has the ambition to build and operate one of the world's largest electrolysis plants,  producing hydrogen entirely from renewable electricity.


Yara Sluiskil provides insight into sustainability plans with Climate Roadmap 2030

Once again, Yara Sluiskil, as the largest hydrogen producer in the Netherlands and the largest production site of the group, sees opportunities to be an enabler for a sustainable hydrogen economy.