Start of initiative for construction of 1 GW electrolysis plant for green hydrogen in Zeeland

zeeland refinery opslagtanks

This spring the Smart Delta Resources (SDR) project ‘Gigawatt Electrolysis plant’ has been launched. Its aim is to make hydrogen through electrolysis of water using electricity generated from wind and solar energy for large-scale industrial application.

To make this possible, a scaling-up of a thousand is required compared to currently operating electrolysis installations. To replace the current production of grey hydrogen in the Netherlands (half of which is purchased by the Zeeland industry) with the CO₂-free production of hydrogen, several electrolysis plants on a gigawatt scale are needed.

Integration in excisting industrial processes

The partners in this project will jointly investigate what is needed to build an electrolysis plant of this size for the border region of Southwest Netherlands / Flanders (the SDR working area) around 2025-2030. In particular the system integration of such an extensive electrolyser in the existing industrial processes will be a focus in this project.


The regional exploration will be carried out by Zeeland Refinery, Dow Benelux, Yara, ArcelorMittal Belgium, ENGIE, PZEM, North Sea Port and SDR. The offshore wind giant Orsted is also involved. Other industrial regions are also engaged in explorations and initiatives in this area. Knowledge is shared within the context of the national hydrogen program of the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT).

Roadmap towards a climate neutral industry 2050

Building a 1 Gigawatt electrolysis plant is part of the "Roadmap towards a climate neutral industry 2050" program of the Smart Delta Resources collaboration platform.